• PTKWF Code of Ethics

  • All members of the PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION will follow this code of ethics, regardless of their position (from new members all the way through the founders).

    The PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION or PTKWF is a non-profit organization. This group is focused on upholding ethical guidelines based on Respect, Honor and Integrity.

    The PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION encourages transparency. The Committee Board makes the decisions for the Federation. Major decisions are handled by the Executive Board.

    The PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION is a global organization in terms of scope. It is dedicated to provide a template beyond skills training. It allows all practitioners to reach their individual potential focused on more than being good in Kali. This philosophy is rooted deeply in ancient Filipino culture based on mastery of the self in all aspects.

    The PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION is under the leadership of Tuhon Rommel P. Tortal. He is the Committee Board Head and Chairman of the Federation covering all identified organizations, groups and clubs around the world.

    The PEKITI TIRSIA KALI WORLD FEDERATION is owned and shared by all members, practitioners and instructors worldwide.

    The forming of the Federation, does not only include policies and tactical skills practice and an aim for excellence but, further involves the management of ethical financial issues related to the PTKWF stability and integrity. All of which, shall be treated fairly in full trust and confidentiality. Participation in PTKWF programs and events are subject to the observance of the organization's rules, policies and procedures. All PTKWF members, practitioners and instructors who will violate this Code of Ethics are subject to discipline, up to and including removal from the program and / or the organization. This includes all members up to the highest ranking board member to the Chairman, Tuhon Rommel P. Tortal.



    All members, practitioners and instructors of the PTKWF shall demonstrate mutual RESPECT to one another by following the guidelines below:

    1. Uphold Respect, Honor and Integrity of and with every PTKWF member, practitioner and instructor;

    2. Treat all members, practitioners and instructors with fairness and equality regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion in all events, gatherings, activities, trainings and seminars.

    3. Give all members, practitioners and instructors equal attention and opportunities in trainings, events and seminars.

    4. Focus on respecting the talent, development and progressive goals of each individual student;

    5. Use appropriate and respectful language, as well as manners at all times, in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

    6. Observe punctuality and display consideration for others during any event, activity, training, or seminar.

    7. Display proper self-control, respect, dignity, honesty and professionalism to all non-PTKWF members including those who do not belong to the Federation, non – martial artists and others affiliated with other systems.

    8. Maintain and consistently show that all PTKWF members, practitioners and instructors are models of respect, honor and integrity geared towards self-improvement opportunities.

    * Students, however, are not allowed to teach to ensure safety and proper skills development of everyone involved in PTKWF.



    All members, practitioners and instructors of PTKWF shall exhibit HONOR to one another by following the guidelines below:


    1. Ensure all members’, practitioners’ and instructors’ time is well spent on excellent training that is focused on learning and growth.

    2. Practice mutual protection; everyone looks out for one another.

    3. Promote brotherhood and sisterhood at all times.

    4. Conduct training, activities and seminars without being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage (drink) and / or any form of illegal drugs.

    5. All may seek continuous improvement through upgrading of individual levels or rank.

    6. Discuss all issues pertaining to skills or non-skills training in private. None shall be announced or expressed publicly or in any form of social media.



    All members, practitioners and instructors of PTKWF shall profess INTEGRITY to one another by following the guidelines below:

    1. Practice professionalism and acceptance of responsibilities for action;

    2. Encourage full commitment to provide quality service to all new, practicing and seasoned students.

    3. All PTKWF instructors shall be remunerated based on their skills set and all students shall receive instruction in accordance with Federation standards.

    4. Strive to master the progressive training program suited to individual needs.

    5. Collaboration and sharing of technology between PTKWF members is encouraged so that we grow together, to help bring out the best in each other.

    6. All PTKWF trainers must provide a completely safe and secured environment for training and development of all students;

    7. Ensure that all equipment and facilities meet global safety standards (see addendum) to avoid untimely injuries of any user and must be duly assessed by all concerned Instructors and Tuhons prior to use especially during local and international activities, events or seminars;

    8. Ensure full consideration, concern and caution to any PTKWF member, practitioner or instructor who is sick, injured or with permanent disability and seek medical advice if required by the situation.

    9. All PTKWF Instructors must have the appropriate level of skills for instruction. Level of competence and leadership must be in accordance with the rank required when teaching specific materials to students.

    10. Uphold guidelines of the local, national or regional groups governing the PTKWF Code of Ethics.



    As mentioned earlier, participation in PTKWF programs and events are subject to the observance of the organization's rules, policies and procedures. All PTKWF members are expected to maintain positive and professional relationships with instructors and organizations of other martial arts (within and outside of the Federation).

    The Federation may terminate your membership for any “cause” stipulated in the Code of Ethics and it shall immediately take effect upon notice to you. For purposes of this Agreement, “cause” shall be determined by the Federation and its board members at their sole discretion and may consist of gross misconduct, negligence of your duties under the Code of Ethics, and/or conduct that are/is detrimental to the Federation’s operations, good will and reputation of its members or its patrons.

    You warrant and represent: That you will perform your services in a professional manner and that none of your actions, or any part of this Code of Ethics, will be inconsistent with, or constitute a breach or violation of, any obligations or agreements you may have to or with others. In the case of any violation to the Code of Ethics:


    • Instructors and group leaders must address and resolve any case involving their direct student(s) within their respective group. The PTKWF committee will be notified if group leaders deem it necessary;
    • In the case that instructors or group leaders violate the Code of Ethics, the PTKWF committee will discuss, seek and decide an appropriate action.