• The Philosophy of the Pekiti Tirsia Warrior

  • At the Start of dawn, I kicked myself up to find the morning dew showers me with the blessing above.

    I felt the greatness of good health with clean air to breath around me. Nothing can stop my happiness for the joy to live is in me.

    I moved like a fearless tiger, I roar like a roaring lion, I slided my body like a poisonous snake to find my prey to feed my body and soul.

    I felt the strength of the legions because my heart is pure, I move like lightning and hit like thunder.

    When the task of training sew deep into my bones I became a hungry bear ready to tore apart everyone that is before me.

    An enemy I can devour, a friend I can love. Where are the stings of combat where is the taste of blood.

    When I crossed the bridge of destiny I find my way on top of my fallen warriors. There I stood planting my knife into the heart of a fallen enemy, I am the victor, I am the conqueror.